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Antitrust Law

Antitrust law is a complex and extensive branch of legislation which regulates economic and business activities in the field of competition, monopoly, advertising and price controls. The issues arising in this area require a particularly thoughtful and competent approach, since the success of a business depends on the right decision.

When do you need a legal advice on antitrust law?

Compliance with all provisions of the antitrust legislation and advertising legislation is monitored by the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) and its regional subdivisions. It is this body that notifies legal entities of violations of the law and renders decisions.

The rich legal practice in the field of antitrust law, the ability to develop effective strategies and achieve a positive result are the reasons why our clients give credit to our company, and we always try to meet their expectations. The won cases in the field of antitrust law represent a plain evidence of our professionalism.

Legal Choice’s services in the field of antitrust law

  • Analysis and legal support for transactions of principals in the field of competition law.
  • Representation and protection of clients in judicial bodies, if cases were initiated by the Federal Antimonopoly Service.
  • Drawing up and submission of complaints, petitions and notifications to FAS.
  • Legal protection of principals when placing advertisements.
  • Challenging of pricing applied by natural monopolies.
  • Appeal against procurement committee’s decisions under the Federal Laws No. 44 and No. 223.
  • Legal support of our office’s clients for inclusion/exclusion of an organization to/from the Trade and Companies Register.
  • Analysis of legal entities’ documents for compliance with the antitrust legislation.
  • Legal advice on all issues in the field of antitrust law.


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