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Legal Choice’s office provides professional legal support for the procedures associated with bankruptcy (insolvency).

The range of services provided by our office includes not only protection of debtors, but also protection of creditors. At the same time, you can always choose both individual and complex services, which include full legal support for bankruptcy proceedings. We will conduct a detailed analysis of your issue and develop an optimal legal protection strategy that will lead to the desired result.

Reliable legal protection for debtors and creditors

Our office provides protection for:

  • Proprietary rights of parties to insolvency proceedings.
  • Debtors in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Creditors in bankruptcy proceedings.

Services of Legal Choice’s office in the field of bankruptcy

  • Full analysis of the documents required to conduct bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Development of the strategy and tactics of legal protection of the debtor or creditor.
  • Detailed explanation of all consequences of legal actions.
  • Drawing up and submission to relevant organizations of claims, petitions and other documents.
  • Involvement of our office’s professionals in creditor meetings.
  • Representation and protection of clients in courts.
  • Legal advice on any issues related to the insolvency procedure.

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