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Intellectual property, means of individualization

Protection of intellectual property is a specific legal field that requires not only a perfect knowledge of legislation, but also a wide experience of legal practice. Professionals of Legal Choice’s office regularly deal with cases related to this field; therefore, they take on even the most complicated cases, develop competent strategies and find the most effective solutions.

Services of the Legal Choice’s office in the field of intellectual property

Intellectual property includes not only the results of intellectual activity (objects of art, inventions, etc.), but the means of individualization (trademarks and service marks). Such means are necessary for the original name of goods or services, and a huge number of legal disputes arise from them.

Our team of lawyers on intellectual property provides the following services:

  • Development and preparation of licensing agreements concerning intellectual property.
  • Preparation and legalization of documentation, as well as its submission (including applications and claims) to the bodies that register intellectual property and means of individualization.
  • Provision of patent attorney services.
  • Necessary interactions with Rospatent and the Federal Institute of Industrial Property.
  • Representation and protection of clients in court on intellectual rights.
  • Legal advice on all matters related to intellectual property.

We guarantee legal protection of our clients in copyright, associated and patent rights, as well as in the field of means of individualization. To contact our professionals and get professional advice, you can use the feedback form or phone +7 495 926 95 07.


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