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Licensing of the services

Licensing of the services is a procedure necessary to obtain a special permit or license for professional activity. Healthcare, education, transportation of passengers and cargo, sale of alcohol — these are just some activities for which a license needs to be obtained. State policy is aimed at increasing the number of licensed activities.

The main difficulty of this procedure lies in collection, preparation and legalization of a huge number of documents. A slightest mistake can lead to a refusal to issue a license. And this means that you will not be able to proceed to official activities and will incur financial losses in the form of state duty. To prevent this from happening, entrust all licensing tasks to our Legal Choice’s office.

Our professionals not only perfectly know the legislation, but also they are able to foresee and competently circumvent all «pitfalls» on the way to obtaining a license.

Services of Legal Choice’s office for licensing of different activities

  • Individual consultation on licensing issues.
  • A detailed analysis of issues and difficulties in obtaining a license, assessment of risks and benefits.
  • Assistance with prolongation or cancellation of stale licenses.
  • Preparation, legalization and submission of documents to the appropriate licensing body.
  • Making the necessary amendments to the license data.

Please note: the terms of obtaining licenses may differ, as they depend on specific licensed activities.


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