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Litigation and Arbitration

Legal Choice is a legal office that always finds effective solutions in any litigation. We treat each case individually due to our rich experience of legal practice:

  • we analyze actual and legal circumstances of the case;
  • we make a preliminary assessment of the case, considering possible prospects;
  • we consider various options for protecting our clients;
  • we develop a strategy, as well as tactics for conducting a dispute and representation of the client’s interests in pre-trial or judicial proceedings.

We understand that to win a case is only half the battle. It is important to enforce the judgment. Successful practical experience of the Legal Choice’s team allows to provide clients with full legal support not only at the stage of the legal proceedings, but also in enforcement proceedings.

Legal Choice: always working towards the results

  • Perfect knowledge of procedural law and substantive law combined with practical legal experience.
  • Successful experience in protecting the interests of Russian and foreign companies.
  • Rich practice of representing clients’ interests in highest courts.
  • Experience of defense in Russian, as well as in international commercial and arbitration courts — LCIA, ICC, ICAC, etc.
  • Absolute confidentiality of your information. We enter into a formal contract with each client, which provides for non-disclosure of information disclosed to the lawyers.

By choosing our company, you leave the protection of your interests to professionals who always work towards the result and exert best efforts, knowledge and experience to solve the client’s task.

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