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Tax law

Solving issues related to tax laws is one of the key areas of the activity of the Legal Choice’s office. Rich practical experience combined with deep knowledge of applicable laws allows our professionals to solve any tax-related issues.

Sooner or later, any company faces difficulties associated with taxation. It is not always possible for you to cope with them on your own in a short time and achieve the desired solution. That’s why assistance of a tax lawyer is the best way out in such a situation.

Services of Legal Choice’s office in the field of tax law

  • Professional legal advice on tax issues.
  • Proposals on tax optimization, reduction of tax-related risks.
  • Legal analysis of tax audit reports of taxation authorities.
  • Filing of appeals against the decisions, requirements (tax audit reports) of the tax office.
  • Assistance with drawing up of claims, appeals and applications to judicial bodies and administrative authorities.
  • Representation of clients and involvement in tax audits.

Tax legislation is changed quite often — it is amended and revised on regular basis. In order to competently solve various issues in the field of tax law, you must constantly monitor amendments in applicable laws and be well-versed in all legal nuances. In addition, decisions need to be made promptly, because tax issues allow no delay.

The most reliable and effective way to settle tax issues is to resort to the services of Legal Choice’s office. Our lawyers are ready to take on any task and offer you an effective way to solve it.


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